About BegHof

The creation of our brand, a passion

BegHof, the first letters of the family names of two childhood friends who are passionate about watchmaking.

In 2021, we decided to create BegHof, a watch brand that takes the best of the different models that we have been able to analyze, wear, buy and appreciate.

Our timepieces are therefore the conclusion and blend of the best of what we have known in watchmaking in a defined price range.

The criteria on which we based ourselves to create our watches are: the quality of the materials, the quality of the movements (automatic only), and of course the look and the level of satisfaction when wearing them on the wrist!

Where are we located

Le Mans

Our offices are located in Le Mans, France.

The assembly, adjustment and final quality tests of each of our watches also take place at Le Mans.

We work in collaboration with the watchmaking workshop “Les gardes du temps”.

Our goals

"Dans le cadre de notre passion pour l'horlogerie et pour la qualité de nos montres, et en vue de la progression et de l'évolution de BegHof, nous nous sommes fixés des objectifs importants à moyen et long terme."

Although we aim to use Swiss movements in some of our models, we will keep a series of watches equipped with Miyota movements in order to keep part of our collection accessible.


Our main goal! Despite the blind confidence in the quality of production and the seriousness
brought to Japanese movements by the house of Miyota, we hope to eventually fit Swiss movements into our future models.


Of course present from the start on the internet and social networks, we are keen to also be physically present in the watch stores that we have chosen.