In the depths
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Wright Brothers

Anniversary edition
assembly at Le Mans


60 hours of power reserve


“The” skeleton

Automatic watches

"Based in Le Mans, the BegHof brand
was established on simple values: the quality of materials, the quality
movements (automatic only), and of course the look and satisfaction on the wrist."

A passion

Assemblies at Le Mans

Quality components

Our cases are all machined from 316L stainless steel . This alloy is recognized for its durability and also its great resistance to corrosion, 2 essential elements in our eyes in our approach to manufacturing quality watches. Aesthetically, 316L stainless steel maintains its shiny and radiant appearance throughout its life.

This metal also has the great quality of being able to be recycled easily and endlessly.

It is for all these reasons of quality, aesthetics and ecology that we have without hesitation chosen to use this steel for our guards.

Reliable and precise mechanics

We have chosen to equip our watches with quality automatic mechanical movements to guarantee our customers flawless reliability.

This type of movement that we use for all our watches is a variation of manual winding mechanical movements.

Compared to the latter, automatic mechanisms produce energy with the natural movements of the wrist thanks to the addition of a rotor (also called oscillating mass) which winds the main spring
perpetually, a system invented in 1930.

To equip our watches, we have chosen the quality, reliability, robustness and precision of the movements of the famous Japanese manufacturer


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